About us


Since 1994 McIng works to technically advise companies and industries Valencia. Deeply know of the issue of same McIng the mission is as follows:

  1. Becoming technical advisor on industrial affairs, legislation and development of specific projects of small and medium business / industry.
  2. Collaborate with architects on building projects and industrial.
  3. Support lawyers and the administration of justice with expert technical support.
  4. Accounting and tax business management.
  5. Industrial property. Strategies. Drawing up of patents and utility models.
  6. Mediation in commercial matters with experience in technical and economic activities registered in the central register of mediators at the ministry of Justice.
  7. Prevention of occupational risks, experts in three specialties, health, safety and ergonomics. Security plans. Health and safety coordination. Risks evaluation.
  8. Experto professional appraiser in valuations and appraisals.
  9. Certifications and energetiva efficiency. and solar thermal renewable energy. subsidies.

Our team and our facilities

Formed by Industrial engineer, master in business administration, master in prevention of occupational hazards and renewable energy. university expert in mediation in technical and economic activities. Expert in Industrial patents with 30 years of experience. Civil engineer and staff.

We have four modern workstations networked web accessible and two sites in the country located in Valencia and ourense from which to serve the east and west of the Iberian peninsula.