Sewage water

Wastewater Valencia

Among the projects in specific areas that we carry out at MCInG Ingenieros y Consultores, the projects related to wastewater treatment Valencia, the retaining wall projects and those of WET Cast stand out. Next, we will talk in more detail about each one of them:

Wastewater treatment Valencia

We use the best technological systems to perform the best treatment of Valencia wastewater. We effectively eliminate all types of organic and inorganic compounds, which purifies the waters, freeing it of smell, color or turbidity and taste. The whole process is carried out following an environmentally friendly plan. In addition, we also carry out a review service in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the processes performed in the treatment.

Retaining walls

We execute construction projects for flexible, sustainable, reliable retaining walls that are integrated into the entire landscape. Allan Block is a leader in the development of concrete blocks for use in projects of this type, as well as in the creation of landscapes, patio walls and fences or farm fences, all without the need for mortar application.

 All engineering and testing of AB systems are perfect to offer a wide range of commercial, residential or Administration applications. The patented Allan Block systems of self-locking blocks are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and sizes, allowing unlimited design flexibility.

Finally, it should be noted that Allan Block products are placed very quickly and easily without need of maintenance, providing beauty and value to the work.

WET Cast

We provide elements in architectural concrete for urban equipment and construction. This technology allows architecture and construction professionals to design construction elements with very high quality concrete.